Suffocation - Suffocating the Underworld

August 31st 2017
London, Underworld, UK


Suffocation lay waste to London

Suffocation ***** have rode the many waves thrown at them over the years and during the last ten years or so they have gone from being the great under rated, unsung heroes of New York Death Metal to one of the most influential Death Metal bands with a host of upcoming bands citing them as an influence. Especially with the rise of Deathcore and Slam and the like. 

Since the band last graced our shores they have released their blistering new album '...Of the dark Light' and the band have three new members in a new drummer and new guitarist and new touring vocalist. It's not news that classic frontman Frank Mullen (while still doing albums) has stopped playing shows with the band outside of the US.

While various vocalists have kept the mic warm, Kevin Muller has been creating a real buzz lately. He is the first vocalist who has been more than merely filling the position and has given the show his own touch. He commands the stage and encourages crowd participation as well as crowd surfing himself, he also is in possession of an almighty roar. 

The crowd go ape shit from the opening of 'Thrones of Blood' with a dozen songs in tonights setlist the band stick to the classics with just two tracks from the new album. The performance is stripped of all fat and its a tight hour of sheer brutality and the fact that the band has three new members they would be forgiven for being merely competent but tonight they are sheer class.

They are so tight it's unbelievable. What is so great is that they deliver the technicality and harshness of Death Metal but it goes down like a Hardcore show. I've never seen a pit at a Death Metal show they way I've seen at a Suffocation show.

If Frank feels the need to permanently step down then now is the time to pass the torch. While the band have never skipped a beat it feels like they have found a solid new line up and we are witnessing the beginning of a new era for the band and as a fan I'd like to start seeing some consistency (that goes for a lot of other bands too) and it would be great to see this lineup collaborate and record the next Suffocation album.

Suffocation - Setlist
Thrones of Blood
Pierced from Within
Return to the Abyss
Funeral Inception
Clarity through Deprivation
Devoid of Truth 
Effigy of the Forgotten
Your last Breaths
Liege of Inveracity 
Entrails of You
Infecting the Crypts

Review and Photo's by Joe Denby 

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