Music Trespass Team

Daniel Cairns (AKA Dan Spider / Dan Devour)

Editor / Journalist / Photographer / Reviews / Owner

Dan has worked in the industry for quite a few years starting off as a photographer for bands such as Amen and King Adora and moving on to work on tours with both these bands and Undercover Slut. He started off as a photographer and then moved more into journalism and has got quite a reputation for in-depth, interesting interviews, with interviews with Matt Cardle, Gus G and the Rasmus generating high levels of internet traffic for AAA Music.

He also has been praised by Queen and Adam Lambert for photos he did at their shows, with these being used on both sites. Dan owns Music Trespass, a music site that brings you all your music needs with a slight twist. Dan Devour is also the singer of Death Valley Scars a band that has recieved cult status on the underground circut and has a few big name fans.

At Music Trespass we write about all genres of music but give more space to bands we think are interesting and it doesn’t matter if they are big or small, if they deserve a place on the front banners they will get one because we believe every band deserves a chance.

All CD’s to be Reviewed, Interview Requests, Live Review Requests etc... need to be sent to the editor at the following email or address below. All physical copies sent to Music Trespass are guaranteed a review, because if you have spent the time and money to send it to us then we think we should spend the time to review your record.


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Joe Denby, Jon Cooper, Luca Viola, Helen Westby, Ays Kura, Amadeus Rz,  

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