Sons - See this band in small venues, while you still can

August 13th 2017
London, Black Heart, UK

Thundering sounds at the Black Heart

Sons ***** The Black Heart in Camden, London is a venue known for great live shows and tonight is no exception. Female Grunge Rock band The Kut are playing the last gig of an extensive UK tour, and they have brought some really interesting support bands with them. 

The stand out act is Sons, a guitar and drums duo from Brighton, consisting of brothers Nick and Lee Meldrum. Sons have really been making waves in the music industry recently, with the great sludgy noise they produce. 

They create a sound that consists of scuzzy guitar and powerful beating drums, a massive sound which fills this intimate venue like storming thunder from the Gods. I have to say I don't know that many of their songs yet, but their latest single 'Zealot' is one of the stand out tracks in their short set.

With it's infectious sleazy guitar riffs it really get's a great reception from the crowd, You can listen to this track at the bottom of this page. I am really happy I saw them in this small intimate venue because I am sure that Sons will be playing headline shows too much larger audiences in the near future. Go and see them quick, while they are still playing intimate venues. 

Review by Lorna Cort and Ben Foster and Photo's by Lorna Cort

Check Out! the Video for 'Zealot' Below...