Son Little - Blue Magic

July 10th 2017
(CD Single Review)


Catchy little number 

I think that Son Little has gone a long way, from his self titled debut album that was released back in 2015. Two years on and he has awards under his belt, and a promising music career. You would not believe that this song and others off his next record, where recorded in the tropical northern territory of Australia. Only using a microphone and a left handed guitar, Yes! Son Little is very talented. 

'Blue Magic' has come just at the right time, it's a chilled Pop Summer song... that you might hear all Summer long. While your sitting in your backyard, with a cool drink and some food on the barbee!!!. 'Blue Magic' is really a song for nice weather, and trust me it's a track that will get stuck in your head and will not go away.

Think should I say the 'Blue Magic' of Pharrell Williams mixed with a slowed down touch of Bruno Mars, old Motown and Soul with a Pop twist and the happiness of The Lighthouse Family and you wouldn't even have the sound that I think Son Little is going for. It is well produced but I don't think he has it quite yet, there is the certain WOW!!! factor at the moment missing. Which I actually think will come in time, think The Jacksons without Michael and you might just have it. 

This is a nice little song, a little repetitive at times, and it is nothing new. But the voice and tempo shows, this is an artist that is going to go far. He already has one Grammy Award as producer of Mavis Staples’s 'See that my grave is kept Clean'. I wouldn't personally buy this, but I don't think I am the market he is aiming it at, if you like slow down mellow happy Summer Soul. Then this is one that is worth you having a little listen to.

Review by Dan Devour

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