The Selecter - Are back in Bristol!!!

March 21st 2015
Bristol, Fleece, UK


Dance the night away with The Selecter!!!

The Selecter **** A few short months after The Selecter wowed the crowds opening for The Levellers, they are back in Bristol this time at the Fleece for another night of Ska filled fun. The place is packed to the rafters and for those that arrived earlier there was the treat of seeing The Tuts, an all girl band I suggest you check out, how they are unsigned is a mystery. Following their set it was time for the main event and ‘Gaps’ opened proceedings stating 'Stop me if you’ve heard this one Before' which seemed to be the cue to start dancing and not stop for the next hour or so.

They followed this up with 'F**k art let's Dance' great tune, but surely this music must be considered a form of art. Tonight was mostly about previewing their upcoming new album ‘Subculture’ but of course there was room for the old ones too and 'Three minute Hero' got anybody who had resisted the urge to dance moving their feet. It was the first gig I have been at where there was a crush at the back rather than front which caused a brief break in proceedings. Back to the music and the political edge is still there for Pauline Black stating 'The Only thing we are in together is the Sh*t' before breaking into ‘London’s Burning’.

The hits just kept coming both their own with the classic 'On my Radio' and a couple of great covers like their version of ‘Because the Night’. ‘Missing Words’ followed hot on the heels and you just look around and see what a great time everybody is having, playing tunes like ‘Train to Skaville’ you just can’t help but dance with a massive smile on your face. 

One of the moments that will stick with me is five hundred people all singing ‘la, la, la, la…’ with hands in the air doing a demented birdy style motion, The Tuts came back onto stage for a good old dance at the end, they looked they were having a great time as everybody else in the room had done. The Selecter once again proved how they are still packing places out decades later and it is great to see them making and playing new music. This is one band everybody should see at least once, but after that you’ll be hooked and I’ll see you skanking down the front.

Review by Jon Cooper and Photo's by Steve Owen

Check Out! a classic TV performance Video for 'On my Radio' Below...


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