Nothing but Thieves - Breaking through the controversy

November 18th 2017
London, Roundhouse, UK


Nothing but Thieves are going to be huge

Nothing but Thieves **** On the last night of two sold out night at The Roundhouse in Camden, London, there is an air of anticipation as the time for the band to hit the stage draws near, there are some die hard South Korean fans at the front, with their countries flag and a banner with the words to 'Broken Machine' adorned on it and displayed with pride centre stage.

The question was should I really be covering this concert, after several Twitter allegations of sexual misconduct made against band members in the last few days. What I think about this is, everyone has a right to a trial, and at the moment they are only allegations so until a judgement is made. A band or man is innocent, until he of they are proven guilty. They seem to have a lot of people standing behind them, because both nights are still Sold Out!!! and everyone has seemed to have turned up... you can see that because the venue is packed beyond belief and there is no moving room anywhere near me.

As the lights dim and the band break into 'I’m not made by Design, Live like Amimals'  and 'Trip Switch', which sound better than they have ever sounded before. Singer Conor Mason states with a big grin that the crowd is so much better than last nights. With a set taking up with their UK No 2 album 'Broken Machine' and debut 'Nothing but Thieves' there are a few surprises, near the end of the main set. The band have so many great songs, and the fact they only have two albums this is really saying something.

Conor is left on stage with just an acoustic guitar and plays a song in tribute to Tom Petty with a heartfelt rendition of 'Free Fallin’ which is just simply fantastic. They followed this with 'Hell Yeah', which is great to hear as well. We also get other gems from the bands arsenal, which included 'Ban all the music, Wake up call, I was just a Kid, Itch' and main set finisher 'Sorry'.

After a brief interlude the band head back out for the encore with another surprise with a manic rendition of 'Highway to Hell 'dedicated to the founding member of AC/DC, Malcolm Young who has sadly just passed away. This is a very nice edition to the set, and the crowd goes wild and sing along to every word. To finish the bands massive twenty song set, you got the anthemic 'Amsterdam', which is a personal favourite of mine... belted out with pure confidence to an eager audience of devout Nothing but Thieves fans

Nothing but Thieves are a going to be huge Worldwide, it’s just a matter of time before they go stratospheric. So go see them while you can still get tickets, you won't be disappointed. This is a band that gives you good value for money, this is a band that gives their fans what they want.

Nothing but Thieves
I'm not made by Design
Live like Animals
Trip Switch
Wake up Call
Drawing Pins
Graveyard Whistling
I was just a Kid
If I get High
Broken Machine
Free Fallin' (Conor Solo Acoustic)
Hell, Yeah (Conor Solo Acoustic)
Ban all the Music
Highway to Hell

Review and Photo's by Andrew Wild

Check Out! the Video for 'Amsterdam' Below...


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