As Lions - A strong British Metal voice

November 16th 2017
London, The Old Blue Last, UK

As Lions Rise to Remain current in the Rock industry

As Lions **** on a cold wet November evening, are playing the hip venue of The Old Blue Last which is in Shoreditch. As Lion roar across the London landscape on their UK headline tour. Tonight concert is at an old east end boozer with a live music venue upstairs, The Old Blue Last is a very nice venue indeed.

There is quite some anticipation for the bands performance after two great openers in the form of Defences and Greyhaven. Both of which get the audience really warmed up for As Lions end of night set. As Lions (formerly Rise to Remain) who were a very promising Metal band, with Bruce Dickinson’s son Austin as the lead singer hit the stage with the bass player and drummer both donning bandanas covering their faces Gangsta style, for such a small stage (it’s the size of a postage stamp) the sound is huge. 

Austin has inherited Bruce’s voice by the end of the gig you could feel the crunch of broken pint glasses and the floor literally bouncing up and down. All three bands were exceptional. They play songs off their debut album 'Selfish Age', which has been playing around our offices for weeks.

They bring across the sound of the album very well, with the singles 'Aftermath' and 'One by One' leading the pack. The only thing I wonder is why they needed to change the bands name, cause Rise to Remain was a very good band, and I am not sure if As Lions are picking up the fanbase so quickly. 

But saying this they are still a very good band that put a lot of energy into their performances and with Austin's strong vocals in their arsenal, I am sure you will see more of them in years to come. Another great British band that is going places, and are worth watching.

Review and Photo's by Andrew Wild 

Check Out! the Video for 'Aftermath' Below...


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