Liam Payne - One Direction star has not seen bandmate in 'Dunkirk' yet

August 10th 2017
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Liam Payne plans film party!!!

Liam Payne sent out congratulation messages to his former One Direction bandmate Harry Styles, after he mad his film debut in the giant movie 'Dunkirk'. However Liam has admited he has not yet seen the film himself, so has not seen what Harry's performance is like yet. “I’m not at all surprised, I think honestly he’s really, really suited to the job, and Harry’s really good at what he does" - Liam Payne

How does he know!!! he hasn't seen the film yet, but Liam does plan on going to see the film soon though with his entire team. Wonder if they will be getting paid to watch it with him, or will it just count as a cool night out. “I’m planning on having a little event with my team and some of my family and going down and all of us watching it together, Because I wanna make sure it’s in a nice setting. I haven’t been to a cinema in ages, and I like going" - Liam Payne 

All joking apart it is nice that Liam Payne is still getting on with Harry, and that he is supporting what he does. You would not say that about many band members in bands that have parted ways.

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