The Kut - End their tour off in London

August 13th 2017
London, Black Heart, UK


Riot Rock in Camden town!!! but did it avoid the Kut!!!

The Kut **** The Black Heart in Camden, London is a venue known for great live shows and tonight is no exception. Female Grunge Rock band The Kut are playing the last gig of an extensive UK tour. Tonight The Kut take to the stage in matching black leather jackets, with the band name painted on the back. This show is The Kut's twenty first gig in twenty four days, but the ladies are still full of energy and their songs are really infectious so they really don't disappoint. 

Their style of music is a combination of 90's style Grunge and Indie Rock, led by charismatic singer and guitarist Princess Maha. She sings with power and grit, like Courtney Love... when she first started Hole, Yes! 'Pretty on the Inside' era Grunge / Rock. Princess is a very powerful woman, and doesn't care what she says. She even jokes that the front row consists of mostly male fans, but she is happy that they have all turned out to see them tonight. 

I think that female Grunge / Punk / Rock is now more popular than it has ever been, and The Kut really do fly the flag for the girls. It's great to see a new all female group emerging it has been a longtime since L7 first came to the scene, and Kittie have not been around for a few years now. I think The Kut have the right spirit to go far, so keep an eye on them.

The Kut - Setlist
I want you Maniac
Alekhine's Gun
If looks could Kill
I don't need Therapy
No Trace
I am Vain
Mind Games
Bad Man
Hollywood Rock 'n' Roll
Burn your Bridges

Review by Lorna Cort and Ben Foster and Photo's by Lorna Cort

Check Out! the Video for 'Bad Man' Below...