The Haunted - Jokes and laughter in London

January 20th 2017
London, o2 Forum, UK


London get's Haunted!!!

The Haunted ***1/2 - Swedish band The Haunted are playing the o2 Forum in Kentish Town London, as the main support to Meshuggah. I think what this band lack in physical movement they deliver is loud, heavy and big styled playing ability.

But The Haunted don't only have that, they have a frontman with a sense of humor, in the form of Marco Aro. He often sings silly song lyrics in between The Haunted's actual set of track and making light that only five people in the audience purchased their last album 'Exit Wounds'.

"Albums are available for sale tonight, please go buy one 'cause daddy needs some new Shoes" - Marco Aro (The Haunted).

This was followed by a swift heckle from a crowd member "And a new Jersey!", Marco without hesitation replies "I will, once you buy an album!". Other notable jokes included a joke about the song 'My Enemy' taking about as long as your first sexual encounter. this made em laugh on the principle it wasn't that short a song.

Adrian Erlandsson (The Haunted / Cradle of Filth / Paradise Lost / Deathstars) dons a T-Shirt with a picture of a cartoon T-Rex on it, trying to play a drum set with the caption 'Worst Drummer' which is a very ironic T-Shirt.

All these things humanize the band and is a great way to entertain yourselves and the audience, you know they're going to be having fun at their own shows soon.

After their set, Marco came into the security pit and handed out the setlists to those at the barrier himself... which I thought was not only a nice touch but something I had never witnessed before. I enjoyed The Haunted they have some great songs, and a good sence of humor. So I would check out and see what they do in the future.

The Haunted - Setlist
No Compromise
Hollow Ground
The Flood
The Medication
Time (Will not Heal)
Dark Intentions
Bury your Dead
Hate Song

Review by Rich Broome and all live Photo's by Rich Broome

Check Out! the Video for 'Cutting Teeth' Below...


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