Gothminister - Goth'in it up for Halloween

October 31st 2017
London, Underworld, UK


Gothminister make a spectacular return to London

Gothminister ***** Halloween is that special night of the year were there are less strange dresses around and the more familiar scary trick and treat theme is full on and what a way to celebrate such night by attending Gothminister at the London, Underworld in Camden. Gothminister have not been in the UK for a while, so there is a lot of people really looking forward to catching their set.

So when Gothminister are about to go to the stage, you can hear the cheers really clearly as the room becomes dark just before Bjorn approach the microphone for the opening 'Ich will Alles'. This song is one of my favourites and goes down a storm, you can hear it and see the video at the bottom of the page. This song really goes down a storm, and you can see why this band are so renowned in the Industrial Metal genre.

This song is followed directly by 'Someone'. another live favourite of mine. By this time the crowd has already exploded into a frenzy, because of Gothminister's rhythm and the aggressive guitar sounds. Bjørn takes time to come into the crowd to show people the scary puppet which is a running themes through this Halloween night show.

It feels such a special treat to be able to stay so close to him in the pit, you really feel like your getting a VIP experience at no extra cost. The gig evolves with tracks like 'Darkside' and 'Utopia', not to mention the magnificent 'We are the ones who rules the World' which is the perfect conclusion for this relentless gig full of heavy riffs Gothminister style.

Seeing the band back in the days supporting Mortiis and now headlining their own show in the same venue I can observe the evolution of both sound and band who is matured  and well deserved such a great Halloween night. This was a show I would have not wanted to miss.

Review and Photo's by Ays Kura

Check Out! the Video for 'Ich will Alles' Below...


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