Doyle - II : As we Die

(CD Album Review)


A future Horror Punk classic album

After making appearances on Danzig shows, the Misfits classic reunion (sort of) and touring his Frankenstein boots off Doyle is back with a second album. thirteen tracks of Metal infused Horror Pop Punk. Musically the album picks up where the band’s debut album 'Abominator' left off and the formula is in the same realm as Misfits Michale Graves era so the Horror themed Pop Punk with a Metal edge. 

Photo by Dan Devour

Doyle’s riffs in particular are quite Thrashy. Also like that criminally under rated period the songs after repeated listens are incredibly infectious and they ring in your head for days. However this is slightly more leaning towards metal (God of flies even flirts with Metalcore) and has a darker more serious edge to it. It’s a lot darker than Misfits.

Opening with the awesome 'Kiss me as we Die'... I love how this album builds up and the chorus grows every time it comes round where at the end we get some female backing vocals (is that by Alissa White-Gluz by the way?). 'Beast like Me' is the one where the album really opens up, this track is rocking. 'Darkside' has a delicious Gothic tinge. 'We belong Dead' and 'Witchcraft' bring back that 50’s Rock 'n' Roll swing. It’s a great varied collection of songs that gel together wonderfully.

The slight criticism I have is I can’t help but feel if Alex 'Wolfman' Story had a higher register vocally the choruses of the songs would have a more anthem edge to them and there’s a benefit missing there. With that said I do like him, he’s a rough round the edges singer.

He’s more of a Hardcore vocalist and I like how he merges back and forth between screaming and barking to the clean vocals. Stage wise he is a mixture between a young Henry Rollins and Glen Danzig. That slight glitch aside this is a hugely enjoyable album which will delight new and old fans alike.

Review by Joe Denby 

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