Death Angel - Storm the Underworld

August 11th 2017
London, Underworld, UK


Are so happy to be in London

Death Angel **** are seasoned Thrash Metallers and their current UK, is their first since they have released their latest album 'The Evil Divide'. Strutting onto the stage they kick in with the familiar introduction of 'The Ultra Violence' before leading into the old school classic 'Evil Priests'. They play a fair amount from the new album but they are three songs in before they blast into 'Father of Lies'.

What I've always liked about Death Angel is that!, much like Anthrax they were a Thrash Metal band with a classic singer fronting them. Mark Osegueda could easily have pulled off fronting a Classic Rock band during the 80's and he has all the qualities of a Rockstar as well as the voice. Tonight he sing faultlessly and holds piecing screams thirty seconds at a time.

At this like others he talks between songs praising the crowd, that he can't thank them enough. After a while it can get a little tedious because when you add up the amount of time he talks the band could easily have fitted in another song. Especially taking into account tonights early curfew, which really does mess up a lot of shows at the London, Underworld.

When they are just closing it to have a DJ and club night, I think live music is more important than... someone just playing someone else's music. However, when the band get going the performance is impeccable, even in their Black Sabbath cover 'Falling off the edge of the World'. 

Which is remarkably good and a special highlight of the evening, also  'Lost' is another standout, gem in the rough. Mark really commands the stage during this track and delivers mesmerizing vocals... sounding and looking like a young Ronnie James Dio.

Wrapping things up with a storming rendition of 'Kill as One' and then closing with the new album opener 'The Moth' the band bring another tour to a close. Both the Death Angel and crowd alike know it won't be long till we meet again, I know I would like to see them again.

Death Angel - Setlist
The Ultra-Violence / Evil Priest
Claws in so Deep
Father of Lies
Caster of Shame
Thrown to the Wolves
Seemingly endless Time
Falling off the edge of the World 
Kill as One
The Moth

Review and Photo's by Joe Denby

Check Out! the Video for 'Lost' Below...