Aeraco - Baptized by Fire

July 10th 2017
(CD Album Review)


Aeraco verging on the Metallica!!!

I have to say I am not really heard the name Aeraco on my travels, but I was sent the new album 'Baptized by Fire', and I thought I would give it a go. Well they Aeraco are an American band from Chicago, that have already got big hits on YouTube with their music videos.

'Baptized by Fire' opener 'Back with Vengeance', verges on the work of Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold, Megadeth, Bullet for my Valentine, Trivium and Black veil Brides. I do feel he is trying to do some of Metallica and Megadeth's distinctive tone with his vocals, which is nice but a little annoying at the same time. The guitar work by Ace and Spidey on this track is great though, some really complicated licks there.

'C*M to Rock' though has a riff, I am sure is lifted straight off a Iron Maiden record... and the vocals by Ace are a little too James Hetfield (Metallica) esq. So you are wondering, is this a joke band like Steel Panther... because the lyrics are a little predictable and silly. The title track and lead single of the record, which you can see and hear at the bottom of this page... is a lot better and is actually a really catchy song.

You can hear their old school Heavy Metal headbanging roots on tracks like 'Stab in dim Light' and 'In Hell we Trust', which are quite enjoyable. And they show a more ballad Rock side of the band on 'All I Know', showing the band can switch it up. But I do wonder why a band that are so talented, are just not trying to be themselves. They are trying to be their heroes, Eg. Metallica, Iron Maiden, Megadeth and this will only get you so far. 

But in a World were originality is very scarce... and the cover version and lip sync is really big. With these things getting massive hits on YouTube, is their a place for Aeraco?. I think the question is... will Aeraco be 'Fighing the Fame' or will be they just be left on the shelf like a 'Lone Wolf'. And personally I have to say I don't know... I have been shocked a lot recently. But for me if I want to listen to music like this, I will just go grab my original LP's.

Review by Dan Devour

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