The Wedding Present - Explore the 'Home Internationals'

April 22nd 2017

The Wedding Present release EP featuring Poet / Playwright Simon Armitage

The Wedding Present will released their new EP ‘Home Internationals’ on April 22nd 2017. The EP plays out like the sound track to a yet unmade film. To begin, we are transported to a pub in Glasgow on the track ‘Scotland’. Close your eyes and you can imagine the barman pouring that irresistible first pint of the night as the cheerful banter gets going. Then we travel to ‘Northern Ireland’ for a poppy, joyful tribute to Belfast born wing wizard George Best.


The next voice you hear belongs to poet and playwright Simon Armitage representing ‘England’ with his topical work ‘The English’ over a moody string inspired opening, which ends in typical Wedding Present fashion; a sea of raging guitars and glorious feedback. The big finish is in ‘Wales’ (taken from 'Going, Going…') for a Welsh love poem with its huge, building, pulsating outro.

'Home Internationals' EP tracklisting Below:
01 Scotland
02 Nothern Ireland 
03 England 
04 Wales

Check Out! the Video for 'Brassneck' Below...

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