Sully Erna - Hometown Life

September 30th 2016
(CD Album Review)

Sully produces a Rock masterpiece

Sully Erna is on the verge of playing his solo material in London, so we thought we would take a look at his last album 'Hometown Life' one year on from it's original release. Sully is of course well known for being the singer of American Rock / Metal giants Godsmack, and 'Hometown Life' is his second solo album. For Godsmack fans this solo record made the wait for new material more bearable, and what a record to have to listen to in the meantime. The album starts to a brilliant piano intro with the title track of the record 'Hometown Life',  it sounds really epic, and is complimented by Sully's distinctive vocals. I would say this song sounds like an instant Rock classic, and if it had been released in the mid 90's it would have for sure been in the top twenty of the UK charts.

'Hometown Life' sounds as good classic Rock songs like Guns 'n' Roses 'November Rain' or even Bon Jovi's 'Always', and you have to wonder why we never really heard this on UK radio. It is a totally travesty, that some songs and albums just simply slip through the net in this country. He continues on the album with a Funky acoustic jam sounding song 'Your own Drum', which has great hand drumming and sounds like an old friend that has come back to you. Sully's vocals sound really clear on this song and it is very uplifting. I really like the next song 'Different kind of Tears' which you can hear and see the lyric video for at the bottom of this page. It's a story telling song, that shows of the quality of Sully's songwriting.

This song sounds very religious, maybe this is because Sully is a practicing Wiccan... which is a early Pagan religion. I love on this album the way he takes things down, and then brings them back up and the whole epic sound. Like on 'Take all of Me', which is a song that I think I will be hearing many different versions of in the future. This song stands out, because it has a different feel to it than Godsmack... but still has some of their signature traits in the writing. 'Don't comfort Me' is my personal favourite song on the album, this is just a beautiful love song that you could listen to over and over again.

The bass on 'Turn it Up' sounds a little bit like Life of Agony at the beginning, the bit with the finger clicks. Before it turns into a traditional Blues Rock song, It's a shame because this song really does not fit the feel of the album. It's a little too Nickelback  I like it but it's just out of place. So personally I would have left this one off the record. So it's kind of strange, when it goes back to the same feeling of the rest of the record with 'Blue Skies'. It's like someone putting on another band in the middle of what you are listening to, for me it just does not go. Especially when 'Blue Skies' is another great track, but you can't listen to it properly because you are still a little shocked by the track before to take it in.

He continues with his Celtic Folk influence on the track 'Forever my Infinity', which is a very traditional song. He continues his Celtic exploration of 'Father of Time', before he ends every thing off with 'Falling to Black' another great acoustic song. 'Hometown Life' is a great album, that shows of Sully's vocals and songwriting. You can all the best sides of how beautiful his voice is, and how good he is musically. Also his great knowledge of music, and different religions. This is a record that any Rock fan must have in their collection, and if you love Godsmack like me... you will just simply fall in love with it.

Review by Dan Devour 

Check Out! the lyric Video for 'Different kind of Tears' Below...


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