Robin Trower - Announces new album and London show

August 4th 2017

Robin Trower is back and better than ever!!!

Robin Trower is back with perhaps his best solo album since he was in his fourties... Considering Robin is seventy two, that’s saying a lot. It is not that Trower’s recent efforts are not worthy, but rather that his latest release 'Time and Emotion' is so damn good. The new album 'Time and Emotion' will be release on Friday the 4th of August 2017 via Manhaton Records.


Robin Trower (Photo by Rob Blackham)

Following the UK release of the album, Robin will perform his only concert in the UK this year at London’s Islington Assembly Hall on Wednesday the 29th of November. Tickets can be booked from the 24hr - Box Office: 08444 780 898 or booked from or the venue website - by clicking on this link:  

Rob Trower (Photo by Rob Blackham)

“I can honestly say I don’t know when I have been happier with an album, I feel ‘Time and Emotion’ contains some of my very best work.” - Robin Trower 

Rob Trower (Photo by Rob Blackham)

Trower’s smooth as butter guitar licks, screaming solos and ethereal Bluesy vocals keep the listener hooked. Robin has a vibe, a voice and a presence on his instrument that transcends time and space. He plays from the soul and he is as intoxicated from the music he creates as his listeners. If you love electric guitar then you will love this album. It is sly, sleek and soothing at times and rocking and rolling other times. This guy can really play... it really is that simple.

'Time and Emotion' tracklisting Below:

01 The Land of Plenty  
02 What was I really worth to You
03 I’m Gone
04 Bitten by the Snake
05 Returned in Kind
06 If you believe in Me
07 You’re the One
08 Can’t turn back the Clock
09 Make up your Mind
10 Try Love
11 Time and Emotion

Robin Trower - Live (Photo by Laurence Harvey)

2017 UK show date Below: 
29th - London, Islington Assembly Hall

Robin Trower - Live (Photo by Simon Jay Price)

Listen! to the Track 'You're the One' Below...


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