The Raven Age - Paving their way to the top

October 26th 2017
London, Boston Music Rooms (The Dome), UK


A band waiting to come of age

The Raven Age ***1/2 was one of the first bands I photographed over two years ago at the now closed The Square in Harlow. A lot of things have happened for The Raven Age in these two years. they have been on a round the world tour with Rock / Metal giants Iron Maiden in 2016 and supported Thrash Metal legends Anthrax’s on their European tour in 2017. 

Not to mention they released their acclaimed first album 'Darkness will Rise'. Now at the end of 2017 The Raven Age embark on their headline tour of the UK and Europe. Tonight they hit the Boston Music Rooms, Tufnell Park, London. The show is Sold Out (which singer Michael Burrough and the rest of the band were absolutely stoked with). 

The Boston Music Rooms in Kentish Town, London is a very different venue. The crowd was made up of a mixture on young and old, friends and family and diehard fans, and from the opening song we knew it was going to be special. The venue is intimate and loud, sweat flowing like a waterfall from the band, music pounding your ears and dare I say your soul the band did not disappoint. 

Michael even took a mobile phone from a fan that was filming the show and proceeded to walk around the stage filming the rest of the band whilst still singing (he did hand the phone back). The band have a great catalogue of songs already, including 'Promised Land, Salem's Fate' and the fantastic 'Angel in Disgrace', these are just some highlights of their set... but all their songs are very strong. 

With great material and the way they go full out on tonight show, you can see this is a band could in a few years be a big name in the Metal / Rock genre. The Raven Age delivered a solid kickass set, they really did not disappoint and a band that has a bright future. So look to catch them at a venue near you soon, because this is a band that is going places.

Review and Photo's by Andrew Wild.

Check Out! the Video for 'Promised Land' Below...


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