Katy Perry - Releases alternate cover for new album

August 10th 2017

Katy Perry is 'Witness' to a different cover to new release

Katy Perry’s label have made a brilliant new cover for her new album ‘Witness'. The exclusive different cover, was for a limited edition vinyl version of the release, and It will be available exclusively to Urban Outfitters. The cover was again designed by Brad O'Mance.

Urban Outfitters and Katy Perry fans in the UK will be sad to know it's US only, so if you want this little beauty you better get looking around the net for one quick, or you will be having to pay big money for it on eBay. And by the main picture, this is a release you will not want to miss.

Check Out! the Video for 'Bon Appétit' Feat. Migos​ Below...


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