Deaf Havana - Do it on their own this time

November 13th 2017
Bath, Komedia, UK

*** 1/2
Getting closer to the cigar

Deaf Havana ***1/2 recently released their latest album ‘All these countless Nights (Reworked)’ and is currently sharing the fruits of their labour across the UK and it included a stop at Komedia in Bath. It was nice to see them getting a band still on the rise as usually, and much as I have enjoyed attending a number of them, they often attract what seem to be called the “Heritage Acts” these days. That is something that cannot be said of these guys who spent the summer touring with the likes of Kings of Leon and Aerosmith.

Having formed back in 2005, they have been on the rise recently with the latest album ‘All these countless Nights’ reaching No.5 in the album charts and received airplay on Radio 1. Marking this rise, Komedia’s floor was nearing capacity for tonight’s set, following well received sets by Black Foxxes and Decade; it was time for Deaf Havana to take the stage. For those unfamiliar with them, they are a Rock band probably on the heavier side, but not quite into the realms of metal, a lot of the songs are quite melodic while keeping the raw power.

They were heavy and tuneful, I don’t think the Cubans need worry about hearing loss. That’ suited me fine; as I can’t be doing with bands that shout at me for ninety minutes but this was far from that. The tune were getting the crowd pumped up, from those at the front to those trying to look nonchalant and cool at the side of the venue.

Everyone was singing the words like their lives depended on it at times. The dance beats added by the keyboard added an interesting element too; at time it was quite Foo Fighters Esq, which is certainly a good starting point. Songs that seemed to be lapped up in particular were ‘Fever’, ‘Caro Padre’ and ‘Anemophobia’ but there were no lulls to the set; it was pure energy all the way. In fact it was quite a stage show for this little venue.

I don’t think I have seen a band with so much kit and lighting here. Which I think is a sign of things to come, I was pleased to have caught them in such a small venue as I think they are destined for bigger things, both career and venue wise. 

Review by Jon Cooper and Photo's by Steve Owen 

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