Wildwood Kin - Lovely Folk

November 3rd 2017
Bath, Moles, UK

Wildwood Kin growing into the role of Folk superstars 

Wildwood Kin ***** Now as journalists we like to think we have our finger on the pulse and know all the new bands that are our out there, but sometimes we rely on recommendations too and am I am glad this trio were pointed out to as I think I may have found one of my new favourite bands. Playing in the historic Moles club in Bath which has had everybody from The Smiths, Oasis, Radiohead and even Ed Sheeran perform (can’t win them all) could this be the start for new stars in the making.

Wildwood Kin are a three piece from Exeter comprising of two sisters and their cousin who takes lead vocals and very visual stand up drumming duties. The core of their sound would be folk but they should not be pigeonholed either as they have a varied sound that, like most good artists,  transcends the genres to give them a sound of their own. Although their Folk credentials are most certainly cemented in place having recently toured as Seth Lakeman’s backing band.

They interact well with the crowd, although they underestimate their rapport I feel, they had previously been called something like wonderful awkward and you can see why. Often alluding to gigs that didn’t go quite to plan, still not sure what happened in Cardiff and the Festival in a Day being mentioned more than once. But for all the things that may have gone wrong, tonight at least, they were more than made up for by the things that went right with the crowd engaged from start to finish.

As well as their own wonderful songs from their recent album ‘Turning Tides’ , the theme of which is working together apparently, they added a couple of covers including one by Crosby Stills and Nash and ‘Dakota’ by the Stereophonics; which apparently they did like in Cardiff, as the crowd in Bath seemed to. Of their own songs ‘Run’ and ‘Warrior Daughter’ got great reaction and were probably among my highlights too as the sound really comes together when the drum beats are added, creating an intense sound.

The harmonies were something to behold too, maybe family bonds help, but maybe just being very talented is also the key. They, slightly bizarrely referred to stages in their career from foetal to toddler stage I for one and looking forward to seeing it continue to grow as a band. It was also great to see them at the end singing albums and making time for people, genuinely nice people all round. Wildwood Kin are folk superstars in the making and I will ensure this is not the last time I see Wildwood Kin live but next time I think the headlining venue will be larger still. 

Review and Photo's by Jon Cooper

Check Out! the Video for 'Warrior Daughter' Below...


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