Andy Oliveri and the Mountaineers - Call them Brothers

April 12th 2017
(CD Album Review)


A good start... the begin of the mountain has been climbed!!!

Andy Oliveri and the Mountaineers have released their debut mini album 'Call them Brothers’ which gives you seven tracks where they firmly show you what they have to offer. Overall it has quite a laid back feel but with something always simmering below the surface, with a certain nod to the early 90's Shoe Gaze scene. The opening track, which was also their first single 'Where wild flowers grow Fondly' certainly has a Sonic Youth feel with the sound as well as the 7 minute run time. 

'Sky candy Apple' the second single taken from the album has a similar feel to it but 'I take the River' notches up the tempo a bit giving another side to the underlying sound, before ending in a crescendo of noise and feedback but retaining the gentler side of the movement they reference. This is certainly not just homage to the early 90's thought and their unique sound come through in all the tracks, the best way to do music,take your sound but ad your stamp to it too.

'Through the Leaves' has a more almost Folk sound to it with more of a singer songwriter sound that the other tracks, yet sits seamlessly. Before you know it the album seem to have reached the final track 'Feather Fly' another on the longer side at over 6 minutes, but as before this works perfectly as they fill that time with track that slow burns to a wonderful instrumental conclusion that just seems to bring it all to a close perfectly.

For a debut album this a clear notice of intent that can take the music World on head first, with a bit of Indie, Rock, Pop and Shoe Gaze all put into the melting pot and coming out to make something wonderful.This maybe the first we have heard from 'Andy Oliveri and the Mountaineers' but it certainly won't be the last. 

Review by Jon Cooper

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